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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Forget and Forgive is Not for Me

My friend told me a couple of days ago that I have to "forget" and "forgive". I am sorry girl, but I will remain a fighter. Not a mixed martial arts fighter, just a fighter. If someone hurts you, if someone doesn't like you at all, he/she hates you... if you "forgive" and "forget" would you change his/her feelings about you.
Sorry, I keep my position even though you tamed me down a bit. It's so good to have you as a best friend! We don't agree in many things but we can somehow have a normal discussion with each other.


I reevaluate life only when something tragic happens. I never sit and think about things I want to change in my life or appreciate my family and friends when things go well. My friend's grandmother died in June, 2008. She just mentioned it to me in June fugitively that her grandmother is sick. Back then my dog was at the hospital. I stopped for a moment and felt her pain and then I ran to see my dog. She is my friend and I was not there for her. Beside her feelings of guilt, now I also feel guilty that I didn't talk more to her. She never mentioned to me after that her grandmother died. I had to find out from her blog. What is going on with communication today? I guess she saw that I am busy with my life and decided to deal with the happenings on her own. She is strong. She is stronger than me. She forgets and forgives. I don't. I will always feel guilty that I was not by her side when she needed help.