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Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to be a bad journalist and a bad professor

I don't want to whine anymore about my English language skills. Once and for all, I am here to stay and WILL work in the U.S. media. Yes, I am a foreigner, but I don't want to hear over and over that my writing sucks and I have an accent!!! I am done with this crap. I want to hear HOW CAN I IMPROVE (besides telling me continuously to read the papers- I am doing that already, thank you very much). PLEASE tell me how can I improve, why my writing sucks. Talk to me about my bad grammar; don't just tell me I SUCK as a journalist. That is not a good method to improve someone at all. I am more than happy to get critics if they are CRITICAL. If you can't do that,stop, because you are wasting my time.