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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Common Mistakes in Photography

Every photographer makes mistakes. But we all get to see their best pictures. That's also something to remind ourselves about. I will keep adding to the list so check back soon.
1. Crooked Horizon
This is the worst mistake I make. Crooked horizon can be easily corrected using the measure tool in Photoshop. These are the BEFORE pictures (these are HDRs but I will talk about them in another post).

And here are the AFTER images. The images were corrected in Photoshop using the ruler tool. This tool is in the dropbox containing the eyedropper tool, I dragged a straight line across the picture and then I selected the image rotation tool from the image menu. The image rotation tool has an "arbitrary" option. If you select this option Photoshop will use the line you put on the picture as a straight horizon. Then click enter and voila, you have a straight horizon. You are ready now to crop the image and save it.

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