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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Research in Journalism? - Not at the Guardian

There is a heated debate going on in LinkedIn about freelancers vs. bloggers and free content providers. Critics say that bloggers and free content providers don't provide quality work. It may be true. I blog because I want to provide my view to my audience on journalism, reporting and photography but I don't edit my posts carefully as I would do with an article. So, yes, mistakes do happen because blogging is a hobby for me and I don't always have time to edit my work. I always thought professional media outlets do their best to produce high(er) quality content. I also argued on LinkedIn that journalists are journalists because they do research and their writing is clear. The article about the changing media landscape in the Guardian disproves my theory that journalists have higher standards. I am wondering if they even have copy editors there...
I would expect to know more about the "opportunities" out there since I am a currently unemployed journalist. All I read about is opportunities for "paid content" and about falling advertising avenues but that does not translate to opportunity for journalists to get paid for their content nor that the paywalls will work and they will get paid in the future. I thought the writer was supposed to tell about "opportunities" for journalists but she missed totally the point. So yes, everything is wrong with this article- numbers, details and title don't add up.

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