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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home-based Abstract Writers for the New York Times Regional Media Group Editing Center

My friend, freelance journalist, Susan Ladika emailed me about this freelance opportunity.

This ad (see below) is running now in the Gainesville Sun. The background: The client really is an international newspaper and the work is boiling down stories to 100-200 word summaries with a headline. Pay, I've heard, is $20 an hour. Hours are basically midnight to 6 a.m., though I also have heard that there may be some flexibility on the front end but bulk of the work is during that time frame.
If you are a night owl and want to earn some extra money, this might be worth a look. Often work-from-home jobs are a scam, but this one is not. They're creating the space at the editing center now for the project, which will launch in September.
If you are not interested, but know of someone who would be, please pass it on.
Have a great Thursday,

Home-based Abstract Writers

The New York Times Regional Media Group Editing Center in Gainesville is looking for freelancers to write summaries of articles appearing in a leading international newspaper. The successful applicant will have above-average reading comprehension and writing skills and be able to function under deadline pressure. Computer skills and command of English language are essential. Journalism background helpful, but not required. Applicants should be available to work from home or other remote location at night and/or early morning hours. The editing center is located in The Gainesville Sun. If interested, please send resume to

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