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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bloggie versus Flip

I have always wanted to have a SMALL camera and voila, meet my new buddy, BLOGGIE. But it took me a while to find Bloggie because there are many small cameras that take video and fit in your pocket. One alternative was to buy a Flip but then I heard that Flip is pulling out... The Bloggie versus Flip debate is a hot one, but for me it was simple to make up my mind.
- Sony does not plan to stop making this camera
- slender
- offers high quality video (1080 p 30 pfs) and photo resolution (12 M)
- 8 GB memory

Check out a video I did using Bloggie! Unfortunately, I don't own a Flip so I could not compare the quality of the videos.

Here are some pics I took using Bloggie.

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