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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For Paws Hospice

For Paws Hospice set to introduce its Mobile Animal Shelter M*A*S*H Unit at Mutt Strut Event benefiting The Humane Society, March 20th on Honeymoon Island. For more information go here.



Open letter to the community

Bosco’s List

The look on Bosco’s face says it all, “I have my life back,” and we know it will be a good life for this little dog who only needed a helping hand.
With just a single announcement on Facebook Bosco found his wheels when someone remembered an unused wheel cart sitting in their closet.

Bosco’s List is a simple idea, one that could help hundreds of pets; if you or someone you know has a cart, lift harness or other unused special needs aid for a pet, contact For Paws Hospice and we’ll add it to a database. Nothing could be easier.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Then when a pet like Bosco needs help our volunteers match that request to the available list and another pet gets the gift of mobility. The cart or aid costs the recipient’s family nothing – just a promise that when they no longer need the item they will add it back to the list so another and then another pet can be helped - it’s paying forward.

For Paws Hospice and the original device manufacturers will recondition any cart and make all arrangements for fitting, adjustment and delivery at no cost to the recipient family.

So please take a minute and forward this message to your social media groups, family, friends and especially your veterinarian - they are the folks most likely to know where there are unused carts - give a life of mobility back to the Boscos in our community.

Thank you,

Harlan Weikle

Executive Director

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