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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Irish boy looking for a home for St. Patty's (Seminole, FL)

My photographer friend, Bryan Leighty is looking for a home for a dog. Here is his posting and pictures:
His name is Orlando but I've always said he should be called O'Malley or Murphey. He's got red fur and white feet with freckles. His tail is tipped with white like a fox. He's clearly an Irish boy!

We actually aren't sure what breeds Orlando is a combination of but we are sure he's a retriever. He's got that silly retriever personality. He's a big goof that wants to play and be on the go but the moment you touch him or offer affection he will stop still in his tracks, frozen, waiting for you to pet him. He'll saunter over to the couch in the evening and offer you his paw. If you take it he'll stick his chest out and hope that you rub it. We don't allow foster dogs up on the couch or the bed but he desperately wants to come up and cuddle with someone. He'd be a great snuggling buddy for someone.

Orlando has never been our dog. We work with several rescue groups and do fostering. A while ago a shelter in Georgia contacted me and said that they had an amazing dog that needed rescue. They were overfull and he had to be rescued or he would be put to sleep, he only had one day left. So we brought him down here. He was just an untrained baby when we got him, but very big. So we worked on training him. He now knows all his commands... sit, stay, wait, down, and shake. He knows the basics of walking on a leash and settles down into a perfect heel. So it's not that we don't want him... he's a great dog! but we already have two dogs and he deserves to either be an only "child" or to have playmates that will play with him (ours our not v active).

He does not chew on things anymore, although he still has a weakness for the occasional sock (still outgrowing that puppy stage). He is completely potty trained and has never had an accident. He is not much of a barker but will bark if someone knocks or rings the doorbell, he will quiet down when you ask him too. He's crate trained but nearly ready to have free reign at night.

He gets along with all dogs and cats.... very playful. One of his favorite things to do is go to the dog park and run and play. He's also a great jogging/biking/swimming buddy. You name it, he's up for it.

In the evening he'll find a spot, close to you, and settles down with a bone or just to sleep. He's cute when he decides it's bedtime and he'll head out to his crate and put himself to bed.

When you come home in the evening he'll get so excited that his tail will wag so hard that his bottom will move faster than his front so he'll go crooked. It's hysterical... he just can't control that tail!

He's not perfect as he's still very young and a rescue. It takes him a little while to feel safe somewhere but once you show him the rules and that he's loved and safe he's a real sweetheart who just wants to please you. He just wants to fit in with a family and belong... you can see it in his eyes and it breaks my heart that he hasn't found that yet.

He is slightly taller than a retriever. His weight is about 80 pounds, which is mostly muscle because he's not that much bigger than a regular large lab.

He loves to play with children and is quite gentle. One of his closest doggie friends was a chihuahua so he's quite used to playing gently with smaller dogs, cats and children. He might do better with older children or children who are used to dogs simply because of his size and energy level.

He is most definitely the dog that will grow up to be a loyal companion... ready to go at any moment for adventure and perfectly happy to cuddle on the couch with his ear scratched.

Orlando is neutered and up to date on shots and heartworm.... he does have a small rehoming fee. We do an application and a vet check because want to find him the best home possible!

Are you the home for Orlando?

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