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Monday, May 30, 2011

What to put on a main webpage?

I have been doing research on what categories to include on a hompage that I design in Dreamweaver. Needles to say, the answer is- IT DEPENDS. First of all, figure out what is the use of a homepage?
- to sell yourself/ employment purposes (the focus will be on you and your work)
- to build your freelance business
- to showcase your work
.... or because you are just bored, you want to learn web design, but you can only learn it if you try to design a site.

So, after much redesign and research, here are my categories: multimedia, photos, video, print, radio, teaching, research, blog, about, contact and related links (besides my logo in masthead and copyright in the footnote). These categories sounds exhaustive so I have two options:
- I can leave the categories as is or
- I can create a main category called multimedia work/portfolio (include the multimedia, photography, print, radio categories). This way there would be less categories on my site but if I state under my name that I am a multimedia journalist, this should be fine?
Which option do you think is the best in web design?


Debbie said...

Earlier this evening I looked at a website that Emily Young has posted on her blog because of its unique navigation menu design and implementation. The business is an architectural firm. I really like how they have packed a great deal of content into an elegant solution. Give it a look!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Deb. When I tried to access some websites, I could not because they were not live. I will try it again!