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Thursday, April 8, 2010

FREE education about photography by the nr. 1 photographer- Chase Jarvis

This guy is just phenomenal and is using social media to spread the love for photography. That's right, it's free to watch any and all live feeds from some of the world's best creative instructors on
Social media and the internet make education either free or affordable. I would argue that SM also raises the quality of education when guys like Chase Jarvis and others jump in!
Check out other sites where you pay a monthly fee and you get the best of the best tutorials!

Also- support local artists and photographers who offer quality classes at an affordable price. I took classes and therefore I can highly recommend the following photographers in Tampa Bay: Loyce Hood and Jim Sykes, they are both awesome and they LOVE to teach.
Their websites:

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Loyce said...

I just found this, Andrea. Thank you so much.

I also just found your blog. It's very interesting. I'm going to follow you for sure.