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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shooting pelis on weekends- Documentary photography

The pelicans are back and the fishermen,too. The last two weekends have picked up, and Liz Vreeland from the Seabird Sanctuary is rescuing an average of 20 birds per weekend, which I expect to double in April as conditions ripen. In the next few weeks, as it warms up, the bait will return and she is looking at an increased number of entangled and hooked birds! Liz Vreeland thinks she may have more birds being run over, as they are laying on the road again. The piers are getting more active- more fishermen, more cars. No signs yet to warn people that the birds won't move for cars, so this is one thing people can do...let people driving on the pier know.
That being said, it really is beautiful out there in this weather! Please round up your friends and help these birds. They need photographers documenting abuse and other important topics. They need rescuers. If you are interested, let's do a meetup and help a good cause. For more info contact Liz at

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