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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bandshoot- Fires of Gomorrah is a finalist at the CL photo contest!!!!

I took some photos of the metal band, Fires of Gomorrah in Tampa. Fires of Gomorrah is the fifth on the Tampa metal charts on Reverbnation!!!!Fires of Gomorrah have performed in local bars, one including the Pegasus Lounge in Tampa. The band will play at more events organized by Market by the 7th in Ybor.

I started to shoot Rachel (Rocky) Reyes because she looked like "the tough girl." I liked her expression, tattoos and her easy going style. Rachel was a bassist at Fires of Gomorrah and is currently the band's booking agent. Rocky is also the the bass player in a local all girls metal band- In Violent Sleep.
Thank you @Rocky and @Fires of Gomorrah for the amazing photoshoot and I hope we can do more bandshoots soon!!!! This band is a separate story and I hope a music blogger pays close attention to them.
Listen to their songs on Youtube.

My photo "Fires Of Gomorrah" was selected as one of the top ten in
the Creative Loafing Photo Contest (from 500 entries)!!!! The photo was part of the Sensory Overload event and exhibition on March 26 at the Glazer's Children Museum. The framed print (along with the 10 finalist photos and the readers' selected photo) will be exhibited again at the Florida Museum of
Photographic Arts (FMOPA)
-Show Us Your Neighborhood from September 8-November 6.
I posted some of my bandshots on Flickr too.


Gregory J. Urbano said...

I entered the same contest, not having the same success as you did, I will say that when reviewing all of the entries before the judging yours always stuck out to me.
I think it is a great shot and could have easily been in the top three or even won!
Once again it is a great photo and congratulations are in order!
PS I also placed one of your photos into my favorites gallery in Flikr!

Andrea said...

Thank you, Gregory for your comment and encouragement. Frankly, I am not a contest person at all but my friends told me about it so many times (they also pointed out which picture to submit) that I went with the flow. I would have appreciated if the judges would have given me a feedback but it did not happen. So, I did not feel I got so much out of the contest. My price is a very nice print and I hope to get it after the exhibition is over. I have never had any of my photos printed out professionally before.