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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunrise at the Safety Harbor Pier

This image got a lot of comments on my Facebook! Some of my friends asked me for my workflow.... I did the usual work, I uploaded the images in LR, selected the ones I liked, I merged them in Photomatix and then edited them minimally in CS5 (using the shadow/highlights slider, I also upped the contrast). I then imported the image back in LR and upped the vibrance, sharpened and finally I used the noise reduction slider too. Frankly, the amazing clouds and the sun, the blue hour, unusual low water surface, and reflection of "broken" pier that make this image "a moment."
I just pressed the shutter.

Thanks for my FB followers who push me to do better photography!!! I appreciate you friendship and your comments! I am what I am because of you, all!!!!

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